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Wireless communications have become an integral part of Canadians’ lives. Whether to stay in touch with family and friends, consume content, or work while on the move, wireless communications have become indispensable for most Canadians.

This is no accident, as Canadians’ use of wireless communications has been fueled by some of Canada’s greatest innovators and most successful companies, whose efforts to deploy world-class wireless services across our vast nation have made Canada a leader in wireless and home to some of the most advanced wireless networks in the world.

As well, there have been many other innovations by Canada’s internationally respected technology sector, academic institutions, and wireless service providers. Together, Canada’s wireless industry has transformed the way people interact with the world and provides the foundation which enables Canada’s mobile digital economy.

And the future looks even brighter. We are at the dawn of an exciting wireless revolution as Canada’s wireless industry prepares to introduce to Canadians the next generation of wireless networks and services, known as fifth generation or 5G. 5G is revolutionary and will further transform the way Canadians interact with the world. It will not only enhance current uses of mobile communications but pave the way for new digital and data-driven businesses and services, continuing the Canadian wireless industry’s profound contributions to Canada’s economy and the social fabric of the country. [1]

Our facilities-based wireless operators – the operators that have provided the investment necessary to build Canada’s wireless infrastructure – are Canadian owned and are focused on providing Canadians in all regions of the country with the best wireless networks in the world.

In doing so they have made the wireless industry one of the most important industries in Canada. Virtually every sector of our economy relies on Canada’s wireless industry for its continued growth and success. Future Canadian innovation and investment in wireless will transform the way we work and live, and will fuel innovation and economic growth in ways currently unimaginable.

Canadian leadership, Canadian innovation, Canadian wireless – built for Canada by Canadians.

[1]For more information on 5G wireless, please visit www.5gcc.ca

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